A comprehensive interactive or static map derived from layers of imagery and geographic data. 

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS maps are a crucial resource for most companies working in oil and gas, environmental protection, insurance, and real estate, to name a few. Unlike a standard map, GIS provides a two- or three-dimensional view of the surface, subsurface and atmosphere in a particular area.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

We offer basemaps that serve as a foundation for your operational and reference maps. Updated basemaps provide context for your plans and help you consider environmental impact, problem areas, and untapped potential. Using our high-resolution imagery, accurate data from DSMs and additional information from relevant agencies, we provide comprehensive and easy to understand basemaps for our clients.

With semantic segmentation, we can extract roads and other manmade structures for maps used in land-cover classification. We can then use collected, created and aggregate data to overlay operational and reference maps to provide the full picture to clients. 



Since GIS maps can reflect contour, elevation, resources, and other environmental features, they provide a foundation of data that site engineers can utilize for selection, development, management and crisis prevention. 

Our clients get access to a user-friendly GIS platform where they can access and analyze their maps along with our collected data and any relevant ancillary data. 

Use Cases that our GIS Maps Support: 

Route/Reroute Planning 
Slope Analysis 
Alignment Sheet Creation
Elevation/Contour Study 
runoff/streamflow analysis
terrain analysis
site selection
commercial development

environmental tracking & recovery
spill management
groundwater resources

timely, relevant GIS data

You can’t be sure the accuracy of public GIS sources, as you generally don’t know when the data was collected. With all that goes on in the field, things change quickly. With Prius Intelli, you know precisely when our data was collected and have a full understanding of the point in time it reflects.

Why Work with Prius Intelli GIS Services?

Integrity. Prius Intelli focuses on high-integrity services tailored to the client’s industry and goals.

Accuracy. Our maps use data derived from already georeferenced imagery and surface models making them more accurate and relevant than alternatives.

Quality. Publicly available information from satellites can only go down to around a 1-meter resolution. Our aerial imagery has a 10-centimeter resolution – much higher than what you get from satellite.

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