affordable aerial imagery.

Speed up workflows, optimize decision-making, and create additional value by leveraging affordable and high-quality aerial imagery in your business.

On-demand and interval-based
imagery to measure progress, to
confirm requirements and to
understand status.

Pre-survey route planning

Identify obstructions or land issues before deploying any survey crews. Plan effectively with up-to-date information.

classify problem spots from hq

Verify third-party work on company assets. Avoid costly surprises and spend less time behind the windshield.

orthophotography and mapping

Top-down imagery taken during peak daylight hours. Available in one to 1000 square mile increments. Geospatially-accurate images of the land surface at 4-inch resolution.

elevations and countours

General use digital elevation models with elevation data for each cell. Useful for: slope, aspect, hillshade, curvature, contour and watershed analysis.


• GIS basemaps
• Engineering and routing plans
• Asset management
• Alignment maps
• Environmental assessment

gis services we offer:

• Site selection
• Site-suitability analysis
• Well site plans/profiles
• Staking/Restaking
• Route planning
• Centerline/easement data
• Land ownership and use type
• Slope and groundcover
• Alignment sheets
• Vectorized data

   Prius Intelli imagery is an absolute game-changer for complying with regulations, especially during a cost-sensitive time. I can’t not use this stuff, it is great!


about us

Prius Intelli is a full-service aerial imaging and artificial intelligence company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.  With outposts in the Permian Basin and the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are happy to work throughout the greater southwest.

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